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Hi and welcome to the London Adventure Group.  This article is designed to try and answer some of the common questions we get from new people who are interested in joining our events.  If this page does not answer all your questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

The London Adventure Group is not a formal club or society.  We do not charge a membership fee and there is no committee.  We originally started as a non profit group but more recently it has become a business.  Since becoming a business we have been able to increase the number and variety of events we offer, particularly offering more overseas events.

People who attend our events are generally London based though we do have people who come from other parts of the UK and indeed some who live overseas.  Our trips tend to be very multi-national with men and women who have come from all over the world and made London their home.  The average age is somewhere in the 30’s but we have people aged 21 to 50+.  Age is not that relevant and it’s an interest in the great outdoors that people seem to have in common.

Spaces on our events can be purchased online via Paypal.  You do not need to have a Paypal account and can pay using most credit and debit cards from the payment page.  If you do not want to pay online for some reason then you need to register for the event and then contact us asking for our bank details to make a direct payment.  Please note that until payment is received your place is not guaranteed and in the event payment is not made promptly the place will be offered to someone else.

Each event will state what is included in the price.  In most cases for UK events this will include the accommodation and all guided walks. Transport is not included but can be provided on a car sharing basis.  The details of departure times and locations are sent to attendees a few working days before the event is due to take place but the options are also added to our Facebook page as most members are Facebook users.  We ask passengers to appreciate that many of the drivers live in the suburbs of London and to be flexible.  You will not always be able to get your first choice of departure point.  Food is also not included in the event price.  Members bring their own breakfast and packed lunch items with them on trips.  You can either buy this in advance of meeting your driver or ask the driver to stop at a motorway service station where you can find the basics in either M&S or Waitrose.  In the evenings people have the choice to either use the self catering kitchen at the accommodation we use or eat out at a local pub (the majority generally do the latter).

Unless otherwise specified in the event description you do not need any previous hiking experience.  Many of our members have hiked all over the world but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and we welcome those who are new to this hobby.  Hiking in the locations we visit does require you to have a basic level of equipment but you do not need to spend a fortune.  We detail what you need on our page called ‘Suggested Kit List‘ and urge you to read this.

There are a number of good retailers of outdoor clothing and equipment and the group even has a 15% group discount with high street retailer Cotswold Outdoor.

We hope this article has given you some idea on how the group works and we look forward to meeting you in the great outdoors soon!

All the best



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