Adulis Eritrean Restaurant

by Jul 31, 2012Ethnic Food Nights0 comments

Organiser – Gary Box
Where – Adulis, 44-46 Brixton Road, London SW9 6BT
When – Wednesday 29th August at 7:30pm


For our August ethnic food night we have decided to try Adulis and Eritrean cuisine following a recommendation from Ranmali and Grant who like to eat here. I have booked a table for 16 people. One popular Eritrean dish is Tsebhi (stew) which can be made with chicken, beef, mutton or vegetables. Portions of Tsebhi are wrapped inside torn pancakes (Injera) and eaten with the hand. They also do a selection of dishes for vegetarians.

The restaurant also has a popular coffee ceremony where fresh coffee beans are roasted and diners can take in the aroma before the beans are ground and boiled. The coffee is served with burning frankincense and popcorns. The full menu including the wine list can be found on their website. Please note that our table is booked for the Oval branch!

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