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While walking is the main activity that we organise we do also like to try other fun outdoor activities from time to time. One such activity you might see on our list of trips is a tree top adventure like the ones Go Ape offer. In the past we have organised this as a day event at one of their locations close to London like Bracknell. We also sometimes include it on weekends away and since sessions last between 2 and 3 hours it makes the ideal morning option on the last day before a drive back to London.

Go Ape – What is it?

Go Ape is a fun group activity that takes place high up in the trees. After a safety briefing you get to tackle the course that could include crossings, tunnels, bridges, swings and zip-wires. You wear a harness for that added sense of security but they do not provide helmets as they concluded that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The courses run even in bad weather and they welcome you wanting to take a camera / camcorder with you on the course, provided it’s attached to you via a lanyard.

Go Ape – Where can I try it?

At the time of writing Go Ape had 28 locations across England, Wales and Scotland (visit their website to find your nearest one). If you happen to be based near London like we are then your nearest Go Ape locations would be in places like Black Park Country Park near Uxbridge, Swinley Forest in Bracknell (also a great place to go mountain biking) or Trent Park near Enfield (within M25). These are all locations we would consider using for a day event to Go Ape.

However since the motivation of many who join our group is to get out of London for the weekend you could just as easily see us organising a Go Ape adventure as part of a trip away to places like The Lake District, The Peak District or Snowdonia, all of which have a Go Ape centre. If you would like to try Go Ape visit their website or alternatively if you want to join us on a Go Ape adventure contact us to find out when we the next Go Ape trip will be.

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