James Bond Treasure Hunt

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Organiser – Gary Box
Where – The Moon Under Water, 28 Leicester Sq, London WC2H 7LE
When – Sunday November 4th at 1:30pm
Cost – £5.00 entry fee per person


With the recent release of the film Skyfall I thought it might be fun to host a James Bond inspired London treasure hunt. You need to form teams of between 2 and 4 people and we can allocate you a team if you want. Teams will meet at The Moon Under Water in Leicester Sq where you will be given your missions in a sealed envelope.

Missions will start at 2:00pm and teams have a maximum of 2 hours to complete as many elements as possible. The only Bond gadget you will need is a modern smartphone which you will use to scan a QR code, send a text message or email and take photos with the phone’s camera.  Teams will not only be asked to find things but may have to interact with members of the public.

Points will be awarded for every element of the mission completed but you can also ‘wound’ opposing teams by finding their unique hidden QR code and scanning it which will send us at HQ a text indicating which team found it and which team has been wounded. The progress of teams will be updated ‘live’ as it happens on our live blog page and Facebook page for anyone and everyone to see so you know how your team is doing and you can even ‘comment’ and taunt opposing teams!

All teams will report back to HQ by4:00pm latest when you are free to go or join us for drinks and a meal for the rest of the evening.

There will be a cash prize for the winning team.

If you have a QR code app installed on your smartphone already and want to test some QR codes simply visit our live blog page where we have some examples.

What you need

  • Fully charged smartphone (one per team minimum)
  • QR code scanning application (lots of free ones for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows)
  • Facebook app or browser (only if you want to check live scores and taunt the opposition)

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