Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions.

We realise though that this may not cover your question so if you still need have something to ask or need to clarify something you are not sure of why not use our contact form to get in touch?

The event I’m interested in makes no mention of transport, how is transport arranged?

In order to make our trips happen we rely on car sharing. When you purchase a ticket for an event you will be asked if you are a car owner and if so what your destination location and time will be. About 2 weeks before the event starts everyone is contacted by email with all the departure options to choose from. Passengers are then allocated to cars and contact details swapped to make meeting easier. Passengers are expected to contribute a transport fee to the driver for car sharing and the amount of this depends on the distance from London (we can give examples on request).

How do I join the group and do you charge a membership fee?

We don’t have a formal joining process and do not charge a membership fee (our events are open to anyone over the age of 18). We don’t organise that many social events each year where you can meet us before committing to a trip. Despite this we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about a trip or the group in general. Our events are always a mix of regulars and new people so you have nothing to fear about signing up for your first event. The best way to keep informed about new events is to check our trips page on a regular basis or ‘like’ our Facebook page where all our events are added.

I took some photos on a recent trip, how do I share these with other members of the group?

If you are on Facebook the best way to communicate with other group members and share photos is via our Facebook page. Most people however tend to just upload their images to their own Facebook timeline. I will often tag images uploaded by others and it’s not hard to find photos uploaded by others on the same event if you happen to use Facebook.

I need to cancel a trip that I have booked, do I get a refund?

We have Booking conditions and the amount you will get refunded depends on how close to the start of the trip the cancellation is. Click here to see the booking conditions.

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